Structured Data

Structured data helps Google to better understand the content of a page. It is an effective way to tell Google about the information of the page; for instance on an article page, what is the title of the article, who is the author or publisher and anything like that.

Google also uses structured data to understand the page’s content and present in front of visitors in a form of rich snippet. Computer program understands different languages or ways that can be used to structure your data such as:

  • JSON-LD* (Recommended by Google)
  • Microdata
  • RDFa
  • Microformats

Example of structured data markup:


“@context”: “”,

“@type”: “Organization”,

“url”: “”,

“logo”: “”,

“address”: {

“@type”: “PostalAddress”,

“addressLocality”: “New Jersey”,

“addressRegion”: “NJ”,

“postalCode”: “08861”,

“streetAddress”: “79 Dally Ct, Perth Amboy”


“sameAs”: [



“name”: “MindLogics”,

“description”: “Mindlogics is one of the most trusted Custom Web Development companies in the world. Mindlogics has experienced and professional team of developers and have more than ten years experience in the field.”,

“telephone”: “+1201-204-3929”


Importance of Structured Data for Your Website

Structured data is pretty significant for your website for the reason that it will help your site rank high in the search engine like Google or Bing. One of the most important benefits of structured data is that it shows your content in the Google with rich snippet that is pretty beneficial to increase CTR and boost search engine optimization of your website.

Content Understanding

The fundamental purpose of structured is to help Google to better understand your content and show in search results in front of users that are looking for products or services related to your website. So, try to use structured data for your website so that Google can easily and effectively understand your page content.

Highlighting your Data

Schema markup and structured data is the best solution to getting rich snippets in the search results. You can highlight your data in the Google with the help of structured data. So, try to add schema markup and get a rich snippet of your webpage easily.

Chances of Better CTR

Almost every webmaster faces low CTR issue and wants to improve click-through rate of their website. Now you have a great option to increase CTR that is structured data. If your content is highly structured and organized, it will get rich snippets in the search results and will get more clicks.

Some Other Benefits

Structured data is useful for web developers or programmers because they can easily understand the code if your data is structured.

Structured data also help your site to create totally relevant ads on your website.