Sending an instant message has become our main conversation tool. Whether the person we want to reach is 5 feet, 5 miles or 5,000 miles away, we resort to the one of the greatest advantages that technology has brought along.

There are a lot of ways you can contact somebody else within seconds. Be it an e-mail, an instant message or voice message, distance and time have become history when it comes to communication. But with so many options out there, which are the ones that suit you best?

The users have voted (via downloads, of course) that the top 5 apps for messaging are WhatsAppFacebook MessengerViberLine, and WeChat.

WhatsApp and Facebook are used all over the world: from the U.S. to Europe and Australia. ViberLine and WeChat, on the other hand are preferred in particular areas, but have a competitive number of users. Line is mainly used in Japan, and was built after the 2011 Tsunami that devastated the country’s telecommunication infrastructure. WeChat is China’s preferred IM app, but also used in Iran and Japan, and Viber is particularly popular in Middle East and Eastern Europe.

What makes Line stand out is that it’s the only one in the top that you can use to have free VoiP conversations. This means that you can contact both people who use the app and those who don’t have it installed.

On a similar note, WeChat is amazing because you can send out of app messages. While it’s not the same as free VoIP calls, it’s still a step ahead towards introducing technology in our routine.

A fancy thing that’s available only on Facebook Messenger is the “secret conversation” feature. To access it, you need to open the chat window with your partner and tap the information icon. There, you will be able to open a separate chat window with the same person, in which the messages are automatically deleted after being read.

What other particular features have you discovered about any of these apps?

Everything You Need to Know About 5 Biggest Messenger Apps [Infographic]

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