To leverage your business, digital marketing has become a prime hotspot. Brands want to fully use the concept of digital marketing to give a boost to their business. The concept of digital marketing has evolved over past few years and has become prime tool in the hand of marketers. Digital marketing sector is one of the major applications of artificial intelligence.

Here we are going to discuss about ten important facts about artificial intelligence in digital marketing. But first let us get some knowledge about artificial intelligence. So what is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that enables to program machines in a way that they perform human like tasks in much efficient way.

Having some brief knowledge about AI and digital marketing, let us discuss ten important facts about artificial intelligence in digital marketing:

1. Market value of AI

The market value of artificial intelligence is having a huge net worth. As the concept of digital marketing is increasing day by day the market value of artificial intelligence has increased to many folds. Artificial intelligence companies are earning huge amount of profits in collaboration with the digital marketing.

2. Recommendation systems build in AI

Ever wondered why some particular advertisements are shown to you? Well these ads are based on your previous searches, your demographic locations and choices. This is done with the help of artificial intelligence. By creating a suitable algorithm, relevant ads are shown to the target audiences.

3. Chatbots in digital marketing

All of us are familiar with chatbots. Chatbots answers the queries of customers. The algorithm used in chatbots enables them to effectively understand the queries and answer the queries with good precision. Chatbots helps in building a good bond with the customer as they are getting customer support that too 24×7.

4. Content marketing using AI

Content is the crux of any digital marketing campaign. Artificial intelligence has found application in content marketing also. Ever wondered why some pages get more hits than the other. This is because they take help from the artificial intelligence.

With the help of AI consumer behaviour is studied which is based on previous searches globally or in that particular country. This helps in ranking the pages better than other and generate good amount of traffic.

5. Reduce load time of website

Who would like to visit a website that has a huge loading time and is very heavy. This is a serious issue that hinders the good flow of traffic to your website. Artificial intelligence research in digital marketing has made it easier to reduce the load time of websites.

6. Customised websites

How about showing same website to different users with different themes and content? This has also become possible with the help of artificial intelligence. According to past searches, demographic locations, gender, likings, AI can customise the websites and show the user the content which he wants to see.

This improves the user experience to a huge extent.

7. Voice Queries

One more application of artificial intelligence is the recognisation of voice queries. With the help of AI and voice recognition system, user can command using their voice only. AI systems recognise the voice, convert them from speech to text and provide the desired output.

8. Decision making made easy

In any kind of marketing, decision making is utmost important. Same is the case with the digital marketing. With the help of AI we can process huge amount of data, analyse the data and take the appropriate decisions. This also reduces the risk factor.

9. Image recognition system

Robotics and artificial intelligence has made it easy to recognize the images of the persons, products etc. So AI can recognise the person in the image, and more advanced systems are able to gather the consumer information which further can be used in decision making.

10. Predictive marketing using AI

Artificial intelligence can predict the behaviour of the consumer. Every time consumer makes a search, his data get stored in databases. This data is used to predict the buying nature of the consumer. This in turn helps the online digital marketers.