The 2018 has just started and it is an understood fact that things revolutionize themselves by every passing day. Similarly the trends that are emerging in the world of social media also are changing it’s positions and precedency rapidly. Earlier, when it was considered literally unnecessary that one should have existence on social media but now the fizz of the myth has already busted itself badly.

Now, if you don’t have any online existence then you are counted as no one and nowhere. Therefore, having a visibility on social media these days is a must and you can never pursue the word of mouth for your brand or your business without promoting yourself on the mediums of social media.

For this, you have to take care of the emerging trends and diversification of the social media platforms since you cannot take everything in the same manner because every other social media platform has its different operational methodology. For invading the digital world in 2018 you obviously need to make yourself gel with the current trends of social so here are the 5 social media trends you need to buckle up for in 2018!

  • Facebook Spaces
  • Transforming Twitter As Per Your Needs
  • Live Streaming On Social Platforms
  • Brand Awareness And Participation
  • Posting On Instagram
  1. Facebook Spaces

Facebook has just not limited itself only to the live streaming feature, in the meanwhile, Facebook is continuously working on projects related to augmented reality and virtual reality as well. Facebook Spaces is en end product that is specially designed by the Facebook. It allows a circle of friends to interconnect with each other using virtual reality. We already know that Facebook also owns Oculus and have already been working on it since a couple of year that is why we can expect a wonder from Facebook that revolutionize the way of marketing and current social media trends.

  1. Transforming Twitter As Per Your Needs

Twitter is usually not considered as a mainstream channel for promoting a business or a brand, it is more focused on public figures and celebrities yet but now the team twitter had started working in a really critical manner that wasn’t able to go unnoticed from marketers and investors had started looking towards twitter marketing as well. The phenomenon of hashtag is a real life example that for viral marketing how important twitter is.

  1. Live Streaming On Social Platforms

Live streaming feature is now available in almost every other social media platform and since it is on it’s early stages people are giving it a try and feel more interest towards it. The marketers, keeping in mind this attention of users are wisely monetizing the live streaming industry by doing online live streaming sessions related to their brands and products. In 2018, the live streaming on social media platforms is going to be key feature for creating brand awareness and brand advocacy.

  1. Brand Awareness And Participation

As discussed above the brand awareness and the consumer participation in your brand is going to be really important. You need to know about what your online customer is thinking of you or your products and services. Creating brand awareness using viral marketing or any other proven method is again going to be a key feature for the emergence of your brand on social media.

  1. Posting On Instagram

Likewise twitter, Instagram was also taken as platform only for individuals but now in 2018 the things are changed differently than earlier. Instagram is now being used for brand owners and brand advocates in a more effective and efficient manner. In this regard you need to carry out a market research and find out whether your target market is using Instagram or not, there are very least chances that your service or product could be missed out if you think that your product is a fit for the audience of Instagram that you have to be hyper active on posting on Instagram as in 2018 it is going to work as a gold mine for you!

Concluding all the data points and factors here at the end of this article we are now convinced that following the above-mentioned trends of social media in 2018 one could easily stand out in the competition and could take a competitive edge over its competitors, Peace! 🙂

Author bio: Emilie is a social media enthusiast currently working in an online forex directory named Forex Rank!