Most online businesses look for SEO services to improve their website rankings and they will definitely think to hire someone which help them to grow their business. An SEO company can help you to place your site up in organic search but a good SEO company looks beyond rankings and help their customers by driving traffic and product sales. There are many fraud SEO companies which can give guarantee of number one rank on Google search engine. Below are some points which saves you from the jaws of the bad SEO company-

  • Many companies gave guarantee of the number one ranking within 3 months, don’t trust him blindly because there are lots of factors on which ranking depends like search engine algorithm’s, website age, no. and quality of backlinks, website content & structure and other ON page factors. You will need a company which genuinely and steadily increase your ranking.
  • Always discuss work strategies with your customers, put questions regarding their tasks and plans. Check whether they are using latest strategies or not. A bad company will never consider telling you about their strategies and plans.
  • Some SEO companies use poor and similar keywords to optimize your site. So, you will check the keywords carefully they have selected. Check the keywords difficulty and searches per month. Sometimes they also trick their clients with similar keywords, don’t accept the keywords if they provide too many keywords which have only difference of a few characters. Yes, search engines give different result for these keywords, but it is easy for them to rank other similar keyword.
  • Some companies claim to increase visitors by working on many search engines. Google, Yahoo and Bing are more than enough. So don’t be fooled by such claims. You must know which search engine is favored by your target audience.
  • Some SEO companies show their best portfolios to attract clients. Always check the qualification and experience of the customer who optimized your project.
  • Check that whether they have practiced Blackhat techniques like link spamming and keyword stuffing to get a large number of backlinks. Link spamming is completely no with search engines if they catch your website will be penalized or even banned by the search engines.

So make sure that you hire a company that work on your website genuinely and make it search engine friendly by using the White-hat techniques of SEO.