Guest blog posting is one of the most effective SEO practice these days. They not only create backlinks, additionally it generates immense traffic and increase organic visibility of your websites.

Backlinks are the most valuable aspect of all, when it comes to driving traffic to your website the most effective things you are able to do is to write guest posts on different guest blogging sites. Always try to post your website URL to a number of top sites on the web.

Sometimes your guest post gets rejected by the admin, which can be disappointing. However, several internet marketers fail in their tries to get posts published because they simply do not understand the protocols involved.

If you wish to get your guest post published just make sure it’s original and you have not procrastinated. Your topic should be genuine and fully real. Further by writing a unique post you can have enough confidence the post getting published.

The richness of keywords in posts, makes them SEO friendly. TAGS or keywords lead online traffic to your site. Search engine results list the sites that match the typed keywords, proper matches keyword shown at the top of the list.

It might not be wrong to say that it’s very similar to a blog that defines the services of a business, however put on the other website rather than your own. Posting on some other website involves lots of advantages.

Firstly, these posts is posted on some famous guest blogging sites that already received lots of traffic and thus the content posted by you is read by a variety of people. Moreover, this can also be a wonderful strategy to make backlinks. Once a reader come across your post on another blog or website and likes it, he merely clicks on the link that takes them to your official web site.

Before you send it over to the web log owner, you want to be 100% sure that your post doesn’t contain any grammatical errors or writing system errors, counter check it before clicking on the submit button.

Guest Blogging Sites List with Alexa rank and DA


Website DA Alexa

Smart Hustle53718,167
Business Insider95273
Survey Monkey Blog94655
Harvard Business Review933,102
Fast Company922,690
AMEX Open Forum92391
Venture Beat904,498
Seeking Alpha871,601
Emerald Insight868,161
Small Biz Trends8318,750
Business 2 Community8213,162
All Business8053,788
Money Crashers7725,983
Specky Geek58696,953
Matthew Woodward5661,503
Men With Pens56500,369
Freelance Writing56136,927
Make A Living Writing55120,192
Successful Blogging54206,641
Open To Hope53725,903
Blog Elina52430,684
Living Rich With Coupons5174,057
Family Share5147,307
On Mogul5065,077
ISM Waste243,285,961