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Try to Focus on Creating Quality Backlinks

I have seen many times, there are generally backlinks that do nothing to increase website ranking in the search engines and, in addition, there are links that are going to shoot anyone from bottom to the top.

Quality over Numbers

It is not really about the amount of links that we create, the main thing is regarding the standard associated with the links. The first thing comes in our mind is exactly what makes a standard backlink? The simplest way to tell is the website which have high Page Rank and Domain & Page Authority give quality backlinks.

What exactly is the actual PR of the web page giving you a good quality backlink? If you got a backlink from 0 or 1 PR site, then it is definitely not a quality link. In many cases, Google will not give much value to that link.

But if the web page along with PR5 or more then it is actually a quality link. Link from a PR 5 site says to Google that this site have some crucial web pages which has superior content. Keep in mind that PR is logarithmic, with every increase in Page Rank Google give more importance to the page. Of course the higher the PR the harder it is to get a backlink. There are many backlink building companies which provide services at best rates.

Assume, you can spend days on creating 10 low-quality links on your website, whereas you can easily devote those days on creating 1 standard backlink on a PR 6 website. You devote the same amount of time, yet the particular PR 6 links can be worth a good deal more afterward the 10 PR 1 backlinks.

But if you say PR is dead? A few years ago PR was a very important factor when it comes to SEO. Yes, there are lots of fake PR or blacklisted websites which have high PR. How would we find out which one is the quality website? The answer is you can check the domain authority and page authority of the website, these are the Moz calculated metric which tells the quality of page & domain and tells how domain ranks well in Google search results.

It’s true, backlinks are essential for your website to rank excellent with regard to the search engines. So, never waste your crucial time on creating 100’s of meaningless backlinks. Instead, put time into a few but standard links through our SEO backlink sites.

Anchor Text inside Backlinks

A backlink is an incoming link from another website to our site. When we are using anchor text it means we are referring to the clickable text that is displayed for a particular link. Search engines make use of the anchor text to determine what the particular backlink can be referring.

So when you are creating hyperlinks make sure that it contain your main keyword within the anchor text. Search engines keep track with the anchor text employed with a link to your website. When someone perform a search applying keywords, you may have a better chance of ranking with the keyword that you have applied on the links. Remember that you should not use the similar anchor text on the same page.

Always keep in mind that anchor text is not only important for the backlinks. The same rules apply to the links inside your website. Never create a link on text like “Go to”, “Next page”. So always remember to use your targeted words while creating the link.

In the end, the SEO backlink building sites mentioned above may help you to boost your ranking and gain popularity. Be sure your website delivers beneficial information that other websites are willing to backlink to.